Lee 旗艦店 Blogger Event

位於銅鑼灣城中潮人集中之地,店內充滿藝術文化氣息,每位顧客都會感受到的不一樣,對,這就是 Lee 旗艦店,當天盛況到現在還記憶猶新呢!更多介紹請收聽腦作大業 101集。

收聽腦作大業 101 – Lee 香港旗艦店特輯 藝術空間的互動

店內裝橫混合了藝術元素和空間,完美帶出 Lee 的獨特品牌個性。

Lee Hong Kong Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/leejeanshongkong

相信大家都已經聽說過 Lee x La Sardina LOMO camera,自上次的 Lee Blogger event 後,我在HKinstayay13 時測試相機,效果很好,怪不得我還是這麼偏愛菲林相機。

每月最精彩的活動 HKInstayay,記得這次是 HKInstayay 13 Le French yay,走遍香港有關法國的地方,記得這天下著很大的雨,下雨天,會令人心情變差的天氣,其實拍照可以拍出另一味道,細嘗這味道,其實下雨並沒有什麼大不了。

HKInstayay 13 Photos in Instagram

Lee x Lasardina LOMO camera 規格:

  • An Awesome 22mm Wide-Angle Plastic Lens
  • MX Switch and Rewind Knob – Multiple exposures have never been so easy!
  • Totally Unique, Fresh and Fantastic Designs
  • 2 Simple-to-use Focusing Settings
  • Bulb Setting for Long Exposures

About La Sardina 35mm camera


A group of Hong Kong Instagram users who have regular meetups.
Who is HK InstaYay?Anyone who lives in Hong Kong who is active in Instagram are more than welcome to join us! Here we can plan meet-ups and photowalks, share photos taken with iPhone, exchange tips and tricks on iPhoneography, and anything else in between.The gang was initiated by @rig_ aka Riley, @twheat aka Tyson and @furkidsinhk aka Pete. The first ever HK InstaYay meet up was held in March 24th 2011 in Cheung Chau and since then we average one meetup every month or so, with a bunch of smaller meetings in between. We look forward to have more HK Instagrammers joining us!

誰是HK InstaYay?


Riley(@rig_), Tyson(@twheat) 和Pete(@furkidsinhk),是HK InstaYay的始辦人。HK InstaYay的第一次聚會,在2011年3月20日順利於長洲舉行。有份參與的人都樂在其中!我們期待更多香港的Instagrammer加入!

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